Garlic butter
If you want to know who your friends are try this. Mediterranean mixed herbs and finely chopped garlic mixed into fine Anchor Butter.

  Baked beans
Everyone's childhood favourite. Why not try Beans and Cheese for a more substantial meal.

  Garlic mayonnaise
Thick and creamy with just a hint of garlic to make the taste buds tingle.

  Creamy coleslaw
White cabbage, carrots and onions in a creamy mayonnaise base, makes this a continental classic.

  Cheddar cheese
A traditional topping that goes well with anything. Delicious when melted. Why not try Cheese and Coleslaw.

  Cottage cheese
Real farmhouse cottage cheese from the orkshire dales. Naturally low in fat, so no need to feel guilty. Try spicing it up with crushed chilli's or sweetcorn relish.
Soft cheese & chives


Chilli con carne
Literally means “chillies with meat”, in Spanish. Try spicing it up with chilli sauce or crushed chillies (only for the brave).

Chicken balti
This mild, low fat chicken balti 120 calories per 100g

Tuna mayonnaise salad
tuna mayonaise tuna chunks in a thick and creamy mayonaise with sweetcorn. Soft cheese and chives or garlic mayo are both free on top as a dressing.


  Latest Jacket Potato Menu
  Richard's Kitchen nutritious hot and cold fillings
  Jacket potatoes £1.90
  Garlic butter 70p
  Garlic mayonnaise 70p
  Baked beans 70p
  Creamy coleslaw £1.00
  Cheddar cheese £1.40
  Cottage cheese £1.60
  Mature cheddar & cheese £2.00
  Chilli con carne £2.00
  Chicken balti £2.00
  Tuna sweetcorn mayo £2.60
  Tuna Melt £2.00
Butter or Onions
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Meal Deal
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Cracked black pepper
Very Hot chilli sauce
Brown sauce
Crushed chillies

For extra 50p

Swetcorn relish
Mild chili relish
Branston pickle
Cans 1.20, Bottles 1.80